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Divas Inc. Own the spotlight! / South African Lifestyle Magazine: October 2014

5 Minutes With Weza Solange



What impression do you hope Africa got about you and your country after watching you on Big Brother Amplified?

I certainly hope that Africa got to see another side of Angolan people! We are passionate, Loving, smart individuals who fight for what we believe in.

I hope that they understood that it was a game, and sometimes, for entertainment value, that’s what i did, i played a game.

But most times, i was being me, qualities and flaws.

You were considered the ‘Diva’ of the house. Do you think you were?

Hahaha, no way, Confidence was the rightfull “Diva” of the house, I just liked taking care of myself and looking good.

The Alex and Luclay love triangle. Was any of that real? Should we keep our ears on the ground?

Humn… keep your ears on the ground.

And the psychic abilities? How real are those?

Lets say im good at studying people, what I was doing was just studying human behavior (behavior of my housemates, attach it to their background etc, then it was easy to get a lot from them). i called it “reading Aura” just to mess with them.

How was the overall experience for you? Is it as mentally and emotionally exhausting as it looks?

More than anyone can ever imagine, unless you are at the house, you can never imagine what we go through! I respect EVERY SINGLE housemate that has ever endured so much as 2 weeks in the Big Brother house. We are truly all missing a few screws to accept going through such torture in the name of entertainment.

What was the biggest personal lesson you took away from this experience?

I discovered the kind of positive influence that i can have on people which is something i NEVER realised before.

I take with me life stories of 23 housemates, who in their own way, without even realising, helped me became a better person.

Would you do something like this again if the opportunity ever came up?

NO! Been there, done that, got the T Shirt.

Im very grateful to all the doors it opened but no more mental and emotional torture. In my opinion, its easier and less stressful to work for that money.

What do you think of the winners?

Karen was obvious and deserved, she ENTERTAINED Africa.

Wendell, well… he was a surprise, I think he is great, nothing against him, im happy for him, but to be fair, I think Luclay deserved to win!

Which housemates will you definitely keep in touch with?

The 2 people i know for sure i won’t lose touch with are Hanni and Confidence.


Where to from now?

Thank God i achieved what i wanted from Big Brother, which was exposure. Thanks to this platform i have been receiving job offers left and right.

So far i have:

My job at Channel 0

  • I have been chosen as the FACE of DIVA DIVINE Malaysian range called: INFINITY. Diva Divine is the LEADING supplier of premium quality Indian, Brazilian and Malaysian hair in Southern Africa.
  • I have been approached about presenting various TV shows in Ghana, Angola and Nigeria, i’m carefully considering which one to accept.
  • I’m currently taking acting classes for a very wonderful role in a movie that has been offered to me (Can’t say much about this one, its still a Hush Hush negotiation)

This is not even half of what i still want to do. I want to get involved with some charity organisations (i strongly believe in giving back and helping the less fortunate).

I’m still going to open my production company and later down the line i’m going to work on having my own clothing, perfume and makeup line.

As you can see there is still A LOT that you will see and hear from WEZA DA SILVA!

You’re a very sexy woman. Any tips to get the look?

The best tip is(and I know it sounds corny) ”the best item a women can wear is CONFIDENCE!” No matter what I wear, from the extra mini dresses to the more elegant Cat suit, I felt damn sexy wearing them, I believe that’s what came across, I’m comfortable in my own skin. We wear the clothes; we can NEVER let the clothes wear us.

What is your wish for women this Women’s month?

Whoever watched BBA closely saw how passionate im about EMPOWERING women!  I strongly believe that many women out there are underestimating themselves, my WISH is that women will realise that we are beautiful, amazing, strong individuals who can achieve ANYTHING if we just put our mind to it. I WISH that as women we would learn to ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT each other instead of trying to bring each other.

By: Nono Tshabalala

2 comments on “5 Minutes With Weza Solange

  1. avatarTsireledzo

    Hey weza i love you so much and judging from what you said your a go getta you go gal and dnt let anyone pull you down dear your a true inspiration to womahood

  2. avatarPeachy

    Wow, lots of RESPECT for you Weza. I had my doubts in the beginning, but now I have to say that you are an amazing woman…Oh and not forgetting the fact that I loooooooove your shoes.

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