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Divas Inc. Own the spotlight! / South African Lifestyle Magazine: October 2014

Downtime with Cashtime Fam

Teargas have been a successful hip hop band in South Africa for the past few years and have now decided to release another group of young guys under their record label, Cashtime Entertainment. This trio is known as Cashtime Fam. They are difficult to miss. The first time I heard their debut single “Goodbye” I was instantly drawn to find out more about them. So I arranged to meet the handsome young men at Lamunu Hotel out in Braamfontein.


The guys, Smashis, whose government name shall not be mentioned, and Bongi aka Kid X, arrive on time and I’m surprised to see that they travel with an entourage. Tumelo aka AB Crazy, later joins us and he too arrives with 2 of his friends.


I think breaking the ice will be good as I do not know what to expect. So the first question is a trick question.


Who’s your favourite Teargas member?

AB Crazy: KO

Kid X: MaE

Smashis: KO


Girls are obviously super nice to you now. So who of you is taken, playing or just not in the game?

AB: Playing – they all think they are my number 1.

X: Taken

S: Not in the game, but sorta taken. Simply put, it’s complicated. If something comes along and it’s a good offer, then hey, it’s worth a shot.


What are you studying?

AB: I’m not.

X: Bcom Finance. On a break this year though, so will do my last 3 subjects next year.

S: Media studies. I’m on a break too.


You’re hip hop artists, but what music did you love when you were younger?

AB: Neo-soul and R&B

X: R&B

S: R&B


  How was life before the music?

AB: I grew up in Mpumalanga and my family wasn’t all that supportive of anything I did. I wasn’t the favourite child.

X: Growing up in Pretoria I was a child soccer star, I was not into the music.

S: Home is in Newcastle and I was always the cool kid.


And now?

AB: My family loves me now. Everyone is always calling me. I’m the favourite.

X: It is very chilled. Not much has changed.

S: Instead of being the coolest kid in school or the province, I am now the coolest kid in the country. So it’s been enhanced.


What’s your favourite clothing brand?

AB: Adidas

X: Gucci

S: Gucci


We know solos are due from you all. When can we expect to ask them?

AB: It should be released in 2012.

X: I start to work on it next year.

S: I feel I still need to grow as an individual first before I start working one. I wouldn’t want to bring out something that’s any less than what Cashtime Fam did.


Your take on video vixens.

AB: When we are working, all I think about is getting the work done.

X: I wouldn’t let my girl child or sister be one.

S: They are hot. Our SA girls are improving but they are not for me to date.


 What’s the one thing we don’t know about you?

AB: I speak less more often. And that I absolutely love Zahara’s music.

X: That I am 23.

S: I fall in love easily.


You do a lot of interviews. What is that question you are always hoping to be asked but never asked?

AB: Where the name AB Crazy comes from

X: How good of a rapper do I think I am

S: Am I what I appear to be


The Cashtime Fam “Now or Never” album is out.

Follow them on twitter @tumeloabcrazy, @dakid_x and @smashis

By: Bongi Nkabinde


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