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Divas Inc. Own the spotlight! / South African Lifestyle Magazine: October 2014

Heartstrings with Khabonina Qubeka

There are probably few artists that are as versatile as Khabonina Qubeka. The dancer, television presenter and actress is currently stirring up things on M-Net soapie The Wild, but in real life she is a sweetheart. Molife Kumona caught up with her recently and she told him some of her life’s heartstrings.

 From a very young age I made the decision to always see the positive and bright side of life! That decision has since helped me to avoid unnecessary addictions and habits like drugs, alcohol, smoking and gossip. I live a progressive life by focusing and doing positive things and that has made my life beautiful!

The most life changing event for me must be 9/11 “The USA under attack day”. I was doing a show in Amman West in Jordan and my boyfriend then was on tour in Atlanta. Airports in Amman were closed and there were some ‘earth tremors’ in our area too. Lines to the US were down!  My mom couldn’t reach me in Jordan nor him in Atlanta! That experience taught me to seize life while one still can because anything can happen and change your life forever.

When I bungee jumped in Zimbabwe that changed my view of life and being in control – standing on the edge, minutes before my jump  I realized that the world is SO big and I don’t always have to have control of it. I learnt from that day on when to let go and surrender and when to hold on.

Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” is one of the movies that changed my life.  It made me realize that I, as an individual, can do more to try preserve and protect the core beauty of this earth we ALL share. I am now on that track, in my own little way and it feels good.

When my dad left my mom and I when I was a little girl the rejection I felt must be the toughest kind of pain I have been through.  That pain hurt more at school when I would see other kids with their daddies. However, as much as it was painful from that experience I learned to appreciate what I have in my life and not to compare my life with others as we are all blessed differently.

My life changing fashion secret is see -through underwear, its sexy and pure fun.

Lebo Mathosa’s “I Love Music” is one of my most loved songs. It reminds me of the most amazing on and off stage moments I shared with her just dancing, sweating and laughing.  I loved being part of her life.

My mom gave me advice that changed my life when she said to me ‘only worry when they DON’T talk about you baby’, and that is why even the worst gossip about me does not shake me. I remember when she gave me the advice I had come home crying after school saying people were talking about me and when she said that I took it to heart.

One of the greatest life lessons I have learnt and always apply is; adopt a good habit everyday. It works wonders for our lives.

By: Molife Kumona @molifekumuna 

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