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Divas Inc. Own the spotlight! / South African Lifestyle Magazine: October 2014

Real Sex Talk: Are We Ready For It?

Jade Zwane is a young South African woman who wrote the country’s first erotic novel and is currently making waves in the country for waving the sexual liberation flag high. Recently she has come under harsh criticism after being on one of the country’s popular drive time shows discussing issues about sex. Liberation is something […]  Read more »


  I’m a few days late so happy belated ‘International Clitoris Awareness Week’!! this was the first annual awareness week dedicated to the clitoris which was from 6 to 12 May 2013 sponsored by Clitaroid which is a company that seeks to help victims of genital mutilation. The purpose of this awareness campaign is to […]  Read more »

Tit for Tat (A$$)

Prostitution is defined as: “The business or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment”. It is also often referred to as ‘the world’s oldest profession’ so it’s nothing new nor is it as taboo as we tend to make it out to be. Sure we all make snide remarks about […]  Read more »

13 Sex-olutions for 2013

2012 has come and gone, we’re now ankle-deep into 2013 and just like we make New Year’s resolutions, it’s time we start a tradition of our own…and make sex-olutions. I’ve come up with 13 of these I think we should look into! Here goes Get Out Of The Bedroom 2013 is the year to step […]  Read more »


In a society where sex is no longer taboo, how often are the negatives of this ever-so-worshiped act discussed? Reality is we are living in times where we hear statistics of GRADE THREE CHILDREN falling pregnant, contracting the HI Virus and having abortions… Now when I think back to when I was in grade three […]  Read more »

LOW LIBIDO…(In women)

We only ever see and hear about men with sexual disorders and men’s clinic adverts but the reality is; women go through their fair share. It is frowned upon and shied away from but one of the realities is a low libido in women! This means a low sex drive where one is not aroused […]  Read more »

Fantasy World

  Every woman has had a sexual fantasy of some sort that she may or may not have been too ashamed to talk about. These fantasies vary from woman to woman and some are quite explicit… but then again, different strokes for different folk right?! After speaking to some girlfriends, I was able to compile […]  Read more »

Fun Sex Facts

I decided to go the light-hearted route this time around and will be sharing some fun, interesting and informative facts about sex… some you may know, some you may not. Enjoy! Work it! All it takes is vigorous sex for half an hour and VOILA, 150 calories burnt. In essence, you can lose two kilo’s […]  Read more »

10 Mistakes Women Make During Sex:

Both men and women alike make a lot of mistakes in bed… Yes, it’s all about having fun and enjoying every moment while experiencing the ultimate sexual pleasure but we’ve all fallen victim to one or two faux pas. What better way to tackle these issues (which are obviously to the detriment of all womanhood) […]  Read more »

Blow Him Away!!!

Sports, cars, gadgets, play station, nights out with the boys… These are without a doubt on any man’s list of all-time favourites.  But fact is, they all don’t come a close second or third to Oral sex. Yes ladies, blow jobs, giving head, c*ck-sucking, fellatio or whatever else you may refer to it as holds […]  Read more »